Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pan's Labyrinth

No, I'm definitely not forgetting this one. I just haven't done the grabs off the BTS features on the Blu-Ray yet.

The Lady in the Water

Unfortunately, even on the Behind-the-Scenes goodness, it was never clear which Tartutic was whom. Consequently, I have several wonderful pics of them, but I have no way of knowing which is Doug, which is Brian, which is Kurt or Jeremy. Tragically my guess is that the first four are indeed Brian, since that seems to be more his body motion, but without one of the actors standing up and identifying themselves, I really can't be sure. So just enjoy the Tartutic excellence in unique suit design. :)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Once I get off my ass and grab many of the VERY nice pics of Dougie in his all silver zentai suit as the standin/mocap action for SS, I'll definitely be posting them. :)


A rather tiny role for Doug with another couple of my favorite suit actors: Leif Tilden and Brian Steele. That's Dougie on the left, as the Abominable Snowman/Yeti.

Hellboy 2

Some Hellboy 2 pics. I need to get more of the Angel of Death from the Behind-The-Scenes featurettes but at least I have one for now. :)

Hellboy 1

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Some pics of Doug as Abe in Hellboy 1. Oh, and I DEFINITELY preferred the neoprene and spandex shorts he wore in this one to the leather. I'm all for leathery goodness, especially on a cutie like Doug, don't get me wrong. But the spandex showed him off so much better. :)


This blog is going to have one purpose, and that's to celebrate one of my favorite suit actors (as in guy-in-rubber-creature/monster/performance-suit) and give a little picture gallery of some of the pics that are part of my computer's desktop wallpaper scroll.